Find IT professionals and interesting tech startups from Ukraine

Buskuz business incubator will help you to find IT professionals for your business and best tech startups from Ukraine. Ukraine is one of the IT industry’s leaders in the world. Find a profitable start-up for investment opportunities.

How to find promising tech startups and IT professionals in Ukraine?

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Buskuz business incubator helps investors to find best promising startups in Ukraine. We are working on the Ukrainian emerging market and conduct a database of Ukrainian startups and IT professionals.

Buskuz business incubator was established in 2013 pointedly to search for funding startups and for the development of promising business ideas. The incubator’s initiators are young and successful Ukrainian entrepreneurs, who are making in Ukraine business themselves. We attracted investors in our business ourself and will help you to find the best startup business, that really worth attention.

Buskuz Business Incubator successfully financed several startups:

– Ukrainian brand and online store Flyingbro sportswear;
– Media project about Ukrainian Business Arena enterprise;
– Development of a CRM system for the continuing company Arena Conferences and Seminars.

Today, Buskuz business incubator is in discussions with business angels, entrepreneurs and invest funds, that are interested in investments in Ukrainian startups.

We are open for cooperation and we can discuss any options of interaction.

Why should investors fund Ukrainian tech startups and IT professionals?

First of all it is beneficial to investors, IT professionals and startups themselves. Potential investors are interested in Ukrainian startups and IT professionals because of their innovativeness and originality. Every year hundreds of Ukrainian business projects are getting good investments. Business angels and investors are particularly interested in the best places to invest money, like projects of Ukrainian startups and ideas in the IT field.

Ukrainian startups are being bought by such companies as Snapchat (cost is about 3 billion $). In year 2015 Snapchat has bought Ukrainian Looksery startup from Odessa city for $ 150 million.

Ukrainian startups and IT professionals are best investment options because of their innovativeness and adaptability. The only question, that investors need to answer is: “How to find a promising startup or IT professionals in Ukraine?”.

Buskuz business incubator is located in Ukraine and works directly with Ukrainian entrepreneurs, IT professionals and Tech startups. Buskuz fulfills a function of a linking role between best promising Ukrainian startups and investors, business angels, who are interested in good investments, like buying a concern in the attractive and innovative business projects.

Why should you look for the best promising startups and IT professionals through a business incubator?

Generally, investors are not interested in singly evaluating a business project or startup. They are much more interested in choosing project out of best investment options, so-called investment package. Also, different investors and business angels may have specific requirements, by which they choose startups. Often, it is necessary to organize competitions or try-outs among best startup projects. What is more, the conditions for the winners of try-outs are been given by the investor. Buskuz business incubator provides investors with the latest information and will select a best startup, that will satisfy requirements of the investor.

Everyone has a chance.

As Buskuz business incubator’s experience shows, up to 70% of the good investments are been won by startups, that are related to the IT field. Ukraine is a country with a huge number of IT specialists. Many of them are already working out interesting and promising IT products, applications, games and programs. Often such startup companies need small investment for further product development. Many companies produce successful products, which bring millions of dollars to investors.

Usually, it is enough for Ukrainian startup to attract about $10,000 to move to a new level and start to gain momentum. The risk is justified.

Start to cooperate with Buskuz business incubator and we will find you the best startup or IT specialist under your requirements.