Max Sitailo – entrepreneur and businessman from Ukraine, Buskuz coordinator.

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Max Sitailo Kiev Ukraine Startupper businessman entrepreneur Flyingbro Buskuz founder

Why Max Sitailo?

Max is an acting entrepreneur from Ukraine. He started several successful businesses and running projects in deflationary time in Ukraine. He has an experience of business startup in extreme conditions with little or no investment opportunities, and during social and economic perturbations in the country. Despite that, all his business projects “survived”, revealed the financial results and were able to attract good investment. Max Sitailo can help your business project to grow from an idea to the running business using his experience.

Ukrainian businessman and entrepreneur Maxim Sitailo Creator of Ukrainian brand Flyingbro
Max Sitailo entrepreneur businessman startuper from Ukraine Kyiv Kiev


Why does he do that for?

When making a successful business project you realize, that everything is connected. Success of your business depends on success of the surrounding in which you work. Maxim believes, that creating a community of people, who want to design business from scratch, you can dramatically change the country. Together, it is easier to look for an investor, it is easier to get funding for your best startup, it is easier to embody any business idea. If you’re going to promote your business project alone, then it will be much harder to embody it.

Buskuz business incubator’s purpose is to form the best startup proposals package for a potential investor. It is one of the few real ways to attract good investments in the Ukrainian startup. Almost never investors consider business projects in a single file as a best option to invest funds.

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Max Sitailo entrepreneur businessman and Sasha Borovik


What ongoing projects do you have?

Among the successful business projects is Flyingbro brand and sportswear online store. Flyingbro project was started by Maxim in 2013, during the Revolution and Ukrainian economy fall x3 times. Despite this, Flyingbro showed a positive financial result and managed to attract investment.

With his direct participation has been created a successfully developing media project – Business Arena. Business Arena has currently recorded more than 80 video interviews with successful Ukrainian businessmen. Business Arena’s Podcast in Ukrainian iTunes power pasted in popularity TED Talks and won second place in the “Business” section. The project has also attracted external investment and expanding their activities.

Start your own business in Ukraine together with Buskuz business incubator and entrepreneur Maxim Sitailo.

Max Sitailo Sturtup entrepreneur businessman with Dima Borisov
Max Sitailo businessman entrepreneur from Ukraine with Dima Borisov


Short biography

– Was born on March 4, year 1982 in Zhytomyr city, Ukraine;


– 2004 – Master degree in History.  Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University;

– 2008 – University of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine;

– 2012 – Candidate of historical sciences;

Max Sitailo entrepreneur businessman with Alexandr Olshanskiy
Max Sitailo entrepreneur from Ukraine businessman

International practice:

– 1998-1999 – studied in the United States under the program Freedom Support Act program;
– 2002 – Training Program UA CAR (US) on the problems of democracy in Ukraine;
– 2007 – internship at Deutsche Bundesbank, German money and credit circulation at FRG and the European Union;
– 2010 – internship at the German Federal agencies with the assistance of GIZ, Germany;
– Since year 2011 numerous intensives and master classes on programming, SEO, contextual advertising, online marketing and analytics;

Max Sitailo entrepreneur businessman from Ukraine with Evhenii Chichvarkin
Max Sitailo entrepreneur from Ukraine with Evhenii Chichvarkin


Work experience:

– 2005-2011 International Department of the National Bank of Ukraine. Legal framework automation. Organization, initiation of negotiations and signature of international agreements between the National Bank of Ukraine and international financial institutions;
– 2011-2013 Monetary Policy Department of the National Bank of Ukraine. Macroeconomics, financial analysis, monetary operations.
– 2013 – entrepreneurial activities.

Maksym Sitailo entrepreneur businessman from Ukraine with Genadii Balashov 5.10
Max Sitailo entrepreneur businessman with Gennadii Balashov 5.10


Currently, Max Sitailo is in talks about the possibility of financing Ukrainian projects and business startups with US and China investors. We can use each other’s experience for business projects successful implementation in Ukraine and world. Max Sitailo will help you.

Invest in Ukrainian startup now and tomorrow you’ll receive profit.

Max Sitailo entrepreneur businessman from Ukraine startup
Max Sitailo entrepreneur form Ukraine