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If you are looking for good business projects and best startups with high potential of growth, Buskus business incubator will help you. We are working in Ukraine and searching for best startups, IT professionals and IT managers.

Ukraine is the country of emerging markets with one of the biggest amount of IT professionals. Ukrainian IT professionals are much lower in coast, than similar experts from USA, Western European and other emerging market countries. There is a certain amount of good tech startups in Ukraine as well, that could move to a new level and generate profits for investors without prominent investment opportunities.

Currently, Buskuz business incubator is opened for negotiations and partnership with concerned investors from all over the world, who search for investment opportunities.

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Buskuz’s incubator mission

Buskuz’s business incubator mission is to form a package of best potential tech startups and professionals in different IT spheres, that will be offered on approval to investors and business angels.

Searching for best promising startups and qualified IT professionals takes a lot of time and efforts. We are located directly in Ukraine and cooperate with startups and IT professionals on a direct basis and without intermediaries. Buskuz business incubator will find a best startup or an IT proffessional for your projects, and it will cost you much cheaper than searching for same experts or projects in emerging market counties as United States or Western Europe.

The business incubator’s task is to offer business angels a package of promising startup ideas and young entrepreneurs, who will embody their business projects together with investors. Startuppers and IT professionals in the IT will win good investments and investors, and business angels will get an opportunities to find best place to invest money, like companies and projects with big growth potential.

Frankly on good investments and tech startups

Experience has proven, that only 1 out of 10 promising running IT startups wins good investment and gets out on the IPO. Other projects close due to lack of good investment. This happens because of lack of information – investors simply do not know about investment opportunities in emerging markets . Business angels do not always have information about the existence of various tech startups. Startuppers can not find information about investors. Buskuz Business Incubator helps to mate startup with investor. We fulfil a function of a linking role between investors and Ukrainian best startuppers, make search for running startups and IT professionals under specific investor’s requirements.

How to start cooperation?

Just write us. Buskuz business incubator already has best startups and highly qualified professionals package, who would like to cooperate with investors.
We also can search for already running tech startups or specialists for specific investor’s requirements.

We will discuss specific needs and find an options of good startup or professional, that 100% will match investor’s requirements . Moreover, Ukrainian tech startups or professionals cost much lower than similar projects or experts in other emerging markets countries.


The vast majority of running startups and IT professionals in Ukrainian emerging markets are ready to move to the investor’s country and continue to develop the project there.

You can find In Ukrainian emerging markets options of promising IT startups and business projects, that have tangible assets (website, application, brand …). It is fair enough for some startups to have small investment (up to $ 10 thousand) to reach a new level and to show the financial result.


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